NEWS: All Will Be Revealed

Ok, so I know I said that the official re-launch of the site would be coordinated to sync with Hickman’s big event books, but this news is just too exciting to pass up. Marvel Entertainment tweeted the following just a little over an hour ago:

Dawn of X. All Will Be Revealed. Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing Panel at SDCC – July 20. 1:45 PM. #DawnofX #MarvelComics— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 16, 2019

So, clearly, we are going to get reveals of what the X-Men line will look like post House of X and Powers of X. We are in for a treat this weekend at Marvel’s NBT panel. “Dawn of X” sounds pretty epic. Obviously, Hickman isn’t going to be writing all of the relaunched series, but hopefully we will get a peek at creative teams for core and satellite books. Whatever happens, stay tuned, I’ll have it covered right here.