In Memoriam

stan lee

I can’t start the reviews this week without mentioning the passing of Stan “the Man” Lee.  Stan was the best thing to happen to comics.  He wasn’t just the co-creator of so many characters that help drive the industry today, he was also an ambassador for the medium.  Stan’s enthusiasm for comicbooks oozed out of his every interaction with fans, industry professionals and beyond.

Back in the early days of Marvel Comics, comicbooks were considered “counterculture”, and now, like so many things, that which was counterculture is now mainstream.  And Stan was a huge part of that.  He helped foster the relationship between comicbooks and popular culture.  He stood at the forefront and greeted everyone who was new to the world of comics with a smile and a “howdy, True Believer!”

The comicbook family, creators and fans alike, lost a man who feels like our grandfather.  Kevin Smith said “You were the first creator whose voice I knew before I’d ever actually heard it.”  I think that that was true for all of us that Stan’s life touched.  Rest in Peace, Stan, and excelsior!  You will forever be missed, but your spirit will forever be with us, in our hearts and on the pages of the comics you helped co-create.


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