Return of Wolverine #2 (of 5)

return of wolverine 2


Written by Charles Soule

Art by Declan Shalvey

The Story So Far:

Wolverine, after dying a few years back, has mysteriously returned from the dead.  Resurrected by someone named Persephone via unknown means, Wolverine meets a scientist, Ana, whose son has been kidnapped by Persephone’s group, the Sotiera.  Ana and Wolverine set out to pursue Persephone and recover Ana’s son.

Spoilerific Review:

Issue two opens with Wolvie and Ana in a speedboat, in hot pursuit of Persephone and Ana’s son.  Their boat is faster, but Persephone’s has a headstart, and Logan muses that he and Ana won’t be able to catch them before the reach land.  Nevertheless, he promises Ana that they will save her son.

Persephone sends two agents to intercept Wolverine, and a fight ensues.  One of the agents appears to be Omega Red, but he is dispatched pretty easily.  The other agent and Logan fight an extended battle, which culminates in Wolverine’s claws heating up.  Logan realizes that his claws can ignite the boat’s fuel, and he cuts the line, sprays the Sotiera agent with it and ignites him, ending the fight.

In his rage, Logan almost attacks Ana, but comes to his senses and apologizes as he and Ana reach land.

The issue ends with Jean Grey finding Logan with Cerebra and alerting Kitty Pryde.

What Works:

Ok, I’m going to backtrack here a little.  Maybe I was a little harsh on Soule’s story in my last review.  I said that it felt like he was just checking off boxes, but I’m going to back off on that a little.  Soule’s first issue was a decent set up to what happens in this issue.  The extended fight scene was balls to the wall excitement.  The mystery of Omega Red is something to ponder.  And who was the other agent who had claws like Logan…but a little different?

The most exciting part of the issue was the appearance of the X-Men, at least a couple of them, as this signals a big turn in the story coming soon.  I murmured an audible “yes!” when I turned to that last page.

What Doesn’t Work:

The artwork.  What happened to McNiven?   It felt like a fill in issue, or a backup story in an annual.  Apologies to Declan Shalvey, but this is a drastic dropoff in quality.

Overall better in the story and a de-evolution in the art department, leading to another uneven, however improved, issue.

Rating 3/5

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