The Sentry #4

sentry 4

Sentry #4

“Sentry World Part 4”

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art By Kim Jacinto and Joshua Cassara

The Story So Far: 

The Sentry can’t find balance between himself and his alter-ego, Bob Reynolds.  He can’t seem to be the Sentry without risking unleashing the Void on an unsuspecting world.  Tony Stark and Stephen Strange help Bob find that balance with a device called the Confluctor, which creates an imaginary world, called Sentry World, where Bob gets to be the Sentry and the Void can be free at the same time.  Meanwhile, Bob gets to live a normal life out here in the “real” world.

Bob’s former sidekick Billy, also known as Scout, is jealous of Bob’s ability to be the Sentry again, and he teams up with Cranio to steal the Confluctor and re-create the serum that makes Bob the Sentry, so Scout can become the new Sentry in the real world.

But Bob somehow transforms into the Sentry in the real world and Bob was sent into the Sentry World…

Spoilerific Review:

Cranio tells Scout, that Bob was sent to Sentry World, and Billy realizes this must mean that the Sentry is in the real world, so he dons his costume and sets off to confront the Sentry.

The Sentry is already being confronted by Iron Man, however.  Sentry tells Stark that he knows something is wrong with the Confluctor, and insists that he must go find Cranio and get the Confluctor from him and fix it.  Tony tries to stop Sentry, to disastrous ends.  Misty Knight offers to get Iron Man some backup, but Tony changes to his Hulkbuster armor to try to stop Sentry first.  This, of course, does not work, and Bob is on the verge of defeating Tony when Scout arrives.  Only Billy claims to be the NEW Sentry, not Scout, and he and Sentry fight as Iron Man calls Misty Knight to get that backup she offered before.

Meanwhile, Cranio is pursuing Bob in the Sentry World.  Bob pleads with Cranio to help him, as his mind is split between Sentry World and the real world, but Cranio won’t help.  He tries to kill Bob, who runs.  Bob finds the Void, who he asks for help.  While Billy and the Sentry beat each other senseless in the real world, Bob comes to realize that he has been denying the other half of himself—the Void is that other half.  He joins with the Void in the Sentry World and manifests in the real world as an all new Sentry, finally whole for the first time in his life, as the issue ends.

What Works:

The story.  I’ve never been a Sentry fan.  I found him to be a boring and derivative character.  But I’ll read anything Jeff Lemire writes, and when I heard he was taking on a character I didn’t like, I knew I had to read this, too.  He does not disappoint.  No amount of words that I can put on a page can do justice to the intricate plot that Lemire lays out here.  Suffice to say, I’m a convert.  This story is compelling.  Bob Reynolds is finally interesting, with a writer that treats him more like a guy with a problem than a guy who can smash stuff.  Come to think of it, once Al Ewing is done with his Hulk run, I think Lemire should jump on that book.  I’d LOVE to see what he can do with Hulk.

The art.  They picked artists who very much compliment Lemire’s storytelling style.  It even reminds me of Lemire’s own work, in spots, on Sweet Tooth or The Underwater Welder.  Very appropriate to the story.

What Doesn’t Work:

Nothing, honestly.  Which is quite amazing to me, because I started my journey four issues ago thinking that this would be the one Lemire book that I didn’t like, because of the Sentry, but it’s one of the best comics being published by Marvel today, and my pick for best book of the week.

Rating 5/5

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